Consulting for your individual composite film product

SIKA Werke GmbH produces specialized composite films according to customer requirements. Our staff will advise you on various combinations and materials in the field of metal and plastic foils. We develop and test new compounds in our own R&D department and use cooperations with universities and institutes in Saxony.

Overview of our products:

Composite film manufacturer

Are you looking for a specialized manufacturer of composite films?

We look forward to your interest in our composite films. We will be happy to advise you on our product range of composite films. You want fast and user-oriented service? Then we are your professional contact. Our customers appreciate our good service in the field of composite films. Take advantage of our expertise in the field of composite film lamination and coating of metal and plastic foils. Take advantage of our expertise from many successful years in the composite film market. Coating of metal and plastic foils. As an innovative specialist for composite films, we can look back on many successful years on the market.

A modern producer of laminated films with an efficient infrastructure:

  • Own research and development on composite films
  • 4 modernized plants
  • 2 high-performance machines for solvent lamination
  • 5 high quality slitter rewinders
  • Environmentally friendly afterburning plant

Your new partner and manufacturer of composite films

As a manufacturer of composite films and film products combine for you different types of films and plastics such as polyamide, polyester, polypropylene – as well as aluminum and polyethylene. In the manufacturing process of composite films allow each customer tailor-made end products for each type of application. Talk to us. Where do you want to use composite film products. Our specialists will advise you. We can produce customized composite films for you. Do you need laminated films especially in the field of packaging of technical goods or medical products and foodstuffs? Then we are the right contact and manufacturer for you.

Customized production and development of composite films

We develop individual composite film products for our customers. Each application needs specific developments. This is the only way to get the composite film from the manufacturer that you need. Ask our specialists. During a consultation, we can provide you with a quote for your specific composite film.

Production and laminations of aluminum and copper composite foils

Would you like more information about our composites? We also produce customized composites for the RFID sector. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we use different base materials in each case. This underlines our competence as a manufacturer of Al- or Cu-foils which can be produced by lamination of individual PET-foils.

More information about our capabilities as a composite film manufacturer

We produce composite films from a wide range of materials. This is what makes our competence as a manufacturer. For example, we also cut paper, plastic and metal foils from 12 µm to 1000 µm. We offer this service for all materials you deliver to us.

Extensive manufacturing expertise and experience for composite films

You want a specialized partner for the production of your laminated films? Ask us and use experience and modern equipment. As a developer and manufacturer of composite films, we also cooperate with renowned institutes in the development of innovative product lines.

Would you like more information on all types of laminated films? We will be pleased to inform you about special developments such as cable films or vapor diffusion barrier films, as well as electrically conductive films.

Sika Werke GmbH can be found at Dessauer Straße 30/34 in 04129 Leipzig. Call us at 0341 9186 0.