Fields of application

Construction industry

  • Sika Werke GmbH produces a wide range of composite films, which are processed by our customers into semi-finished products for a variety of applications in the construction sector, such as vapour control layers or sealing tapes.
  • We offer a specially developed high barrier film for the encapsulation of glass fibre based VIPs.
  • We manufacture diffusion barrier films for the encasing of plastic drinking water pipes.

Cable industry/ EM shielding

  • The composite films produced by Sika Werke GmbH are used by cable manufacturers for EMC and moisture protection. Our films are used in data cables as well as in buried cables. Many different material combinations and presentations are available to our customers.
  • Especially for EM shielding of enclosures, shielding foils have been developed for in mould processing with a shielding effectiveness of up to 40 dB in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 5 GHz.

Automotive and lightweight construction

  • Heat-sealing metal and plastic films have been developed for applications in lightweight construction and the automotive industry. These films are suitable for hot pressing against a wide range of materials such as non-wovens, metals, wood and plastics made of PP, PE or PA. The thermoplastics can also be thermally bonded to our heat-sealing films by injection moulding. Due to the post-cross-linking of the adhesives, all components produced with our films achieve a higher temperature resistance.

Packaging for food, technical and pharmaceutical products

  • Sika Werke GmbH produces films for the packaging of technical products, food and pharmaceuticals, ranging from the classic PET/Al/PE laminate (so-called coffee packaging) to special thermoformable composite films.

Furniture industry

  • We refine your printed, pre-impregnated papers into high-gloss laminates through our special film lamination with PET, OPP, PP, PVC or other films.

Electronics sectors

  • Sika can produce metal-plastic laminates for applications such as flexible printed circuit boards or RFID.