Research & Development – for our clients

In the development of innovative products, Sika Werke GmbH makes use of the diverse cooperation with institutes and universities in Saxony.

Working with our customers, either bilaterally or through funded research alliances, we are constantly developing new composite films to meet their specific needs.

For the development and testing of new laminates, our R&D department has access to spectroscopic and climatic testing equipment, as well as a wide range of instruments for measuring the QA parameters required for the various laminates.

Modern testing equipment is used to determine the physical and chemical parameters of the raw materials used, as well as for quality assurance. For example, Sika Werke GmbH has modern tensile testing equipment to determine the mechanical parameters of the composite films we produce, such as elongation, tear strength and bond strength.

We also work closely with research and testing institutes in Germany to measure all the necessary parameters.