Film manufacturer with many years of expertise

Plastic films: SIKA Werke is your contact for coating and converting composite films. The high quality of our end products in particular is the basis for our success. Take advantage of our wide range of products as a film manufacturer – we manufacture competently and reliably to customer specifications.

Overview of our products

Plastic films for many applications

Rely on a manufacturer of plastic films that produces a wide range of laminated films and monofilms for a wide variety of industries and applications. We are also interesting in the contract manufacturing of individual work steps, such as cutting for a variety of industries. Our customers come from the food industry, mechanical engineering, the construction industry, the electrical industry and the packaging industry.

All of our customers trust our expertise in the production, lamination and packaging of plastic films. With our films, you can pack food and non-food products safely and in the highest quality. Each packaging requires different film properties – especially in the construction industry. We produce individually and with optimum quality. At Sika, we place special emphasis on the converting and coating of metal and plastic films.

Modern plant technology – optimal for the production of plastic films

It is impossible to imagine our modern world without plastic films. Not only do they serve as packaging material for the global flow of goods, they also play a prominent role in the electrical and electronics industry. No insulation of electric cables can do without metal-coated plastic films. Plastic composite films are also used as insulating material in the manufacture of motors and other drives and equipment. With our modern laminating and converting facilities for composite films, we ensure that we can meet a wide range of requirements.

We are particularly specialised in the dry lamination of plastic films. Our 6 lines allow different application weights with a high degree of uniformity – you can rely on the high quality of your films. Our modern slitter rewinders are used for the converting of films. In this area, we also act as a contract manufacturer for our customers. We supply the films – whether mono or composite – in various cutting widths. On request, we can also supply the plastic films or metal foils on cross-wound spools.

Standard films available in a short time

You would like to order your individual plastic film from us? One advantage among many for our customers: The large material stock at Sika. Different plastic films are stored here in the usual dimensions. Our standard products can therefore be delivered in a short time.

Individual films for different requirements of our customer industries

Our films can be found in cable films, vapour diffusion barrier films, decorative films, heat-sealing films and various packaging films. We use modern testing equipment in the production of our plastic films. This allows us to check and adjust the physical and chemical parameters of the plastic films. We use tensile measuring devices to ensure the optimum mechanical resistance of our films.

Our in-house R&D department ensures optimum quality and safety for all film products – for example, elongation, tear strength and composite adhesion – in the shortest possible time. We develop individual and new laminates on your behalf. For this purpose, we use, among other things, an IR spectrometer and a variety of testing devices for all parameters. Have your plastic films produced by a manufacturer with decades of experience and the highest level of expertise.