SIKA Werke GmbH is a successful manufacturer of hot-melt adhesive foils.

Hot-melt adhesive films: We are your supplier, developer and producer of hot-melt adhesive films. Our know-how on special compounds also includes the production of heat-sealable plastic films and metal foils. Seal various substrates with heat-seal films – for example PP or PET nonwovens.

Overview of our products:

Development of hot-melt adhesive foils – production and delivery with high quality

Let us advise you on the subject of heat-sealing films directly from the manufacturer!

We will advise you in detail on the subject of heat-sealing films. Our film products are optimally tailored especially for the requirements of our customers from the construction industry, the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and the food industry. Order heat-sealable plastic films and metal foils. The Sika plants produce various special composites for a wide range of technical applications.

We always work in a customer-oriented way. We adapt the sealing layer exactly to your requirements. This way you get the film that has optimal product properties. We adapt the sealing layer individually in the production process.

Standards of our hot-melt films

We offer the following standardised coated hot-melt films: VP100-PE – sealing of nonwovens and fabrics – temperature resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius, VP100-PE-S for sealing of aluminium, copper and wood with the minimum sealing temperature 120 degrees Celsius and a peel strength of up to > 1 N / mm as well as VP100 for sealing of metals and plastics.

Reliable and innovative film manufacturer for hot-melt adhesive films

Our company has been successful in Leipzig for 67 years. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by our modernised facilities. With machines for high-performance solvent lamination, we convince in quality and quality. For the production and delivery of hot-melt adhesive films we have a modern and 5 roll slitting machines. As a manufacturer, we work in an environmentally friendly way – our afterburning plant meets all the requirements for a modern and clean production process. Order hot-melt films with individual thermal properties, weather-resistant and specially manufactured for you.