Film lamination – contract orders and product development of laminated films

Film lamination: Develop product lines in the field of film lamination together with us. Improve the properties of your packaging material. As a specialist in contract lamination, we guarantee you fast service, high quality and absolute customer protection.

Overview of our products:

In the area of film lamination, we have special offers for you at Sika.

Take advantage of our film lamination service. You have developed your film and would now like to have it laminated by an external manufacturer? Sika Werke GmbH is reliably available with its experience for this contract lamination order. We guarantee absolute confidentiality for every order, so that the protection of your know-how and your customers is always guaranteed.

Lamination of foils as a component of your development possibilities

In the process of lamination, metal and / or plastic foils and / or nonwovens are bonded together in a roll-to-roll process. This results in improved or modified properties of the material, such as increased strength, insensitivity to dirt and moisture, increased service life or electrical conductivity. Laminated films can also be used to achieve special material effects, for example in the optical area or in the haptic quality. In the packaging industry, lamination can be used to achieve important functions in packaging films.

Improve the properties of your industrial or product packaging with the various technical options of film lamination. We will be happy to advise you. Take advantage of our fast service for contract orders for film lamination. We coat metal and plastic foils according to specific customer requirements. Take advantage of our experience and competence and the know-how of our research and development department. On request, we offer individual solutions for a specific task that the film is to fulfil. We work closely with product development institutes in and around Leipzig. Develop product lines in the field of film lamination together with us or have your development produced by us as specialists in the field of lamination.

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