Film manufacturer with many years of expertise

Film manufacturer Germany: SIKA Werke is your contact for coating and converting composite films. The high quality of our end products in particular is the basis for our success. Take advantage of our wide range of products as a film manufacturer – we manufacture competently and reliably to customer requirements.

Overview of our products:

Sika Werke is a successful film manufacturer for customers throughout Germany.

Trust an innovative specialist in the production of laminated films. We manufacture an extensive product range of films using dry lamination technology. We are your contact for the converting and coating of a wide range of film products.

Take advantage of our many years of expertise as a film manufacturer. Our goal is the best possible quality of our end products. To achieve this, we have optimally configured our film production systems to meet the wishes of our customers and our own high standards. As a result, we can guarantee a very wide range of products.

With laminating lines and machines for converting and cutting the films, we are able to react quickly to our customers’ wishes. As a film manufacturer, we can present ourselves to our customers as a universal supplier.

Manufacturer of laminated films, cable films, decorative films, PET films, heat-sealing films, and coated plastic and metal films.

We have been a successful manufacturer of laminated films since 1956. Today we have six laminating lines, which allow uniform application weights from 1g/m² to 20 g/m². The cable foils we produce are used for electromagnetic shielding and protection against moisture. Our decorative films, pre-impregnated papers laminated with PET films, are produced especially for the furniture and construction industries. The films are high-gloss laminated for a wide range of applications in the furniture and construction industries.

With the heat-sealing films, we offer our customers heat-sealable plastic and metal films for various technical applications. These films can be used to seal a variety of substrates from PP nonwovens to wood. These films can also be used in motor and transformer construction.

We also supply packaging films to customers throughout Germany. We produce packaging films from various composite films for the packaging of technical goods as well as medical products and foodstuffs. Other laminated films from our production are used especially in the RFID sector – here the lamination of aluminium and copper foils with special PET films plays a major role with our customer base in Germany. In particular, we produce 9 µ Al and 50 µ PET films – according to your special requirements.

Cutting in the production of our films

At the end of the manufacturing process is the cutting to size. We cut films from 8 mm width up to a roll diameter of 250 mm and from 20 mm width and up to a diameter of 1200 mm. We cut and assemble films from 12 µm to 1000 µm depending on whether metal films or plastic films.

Your manufacturer for composite films

Rely on the quality of our films in Germany, which is certified by our quality management system according to ISO 9001 – already since 1996! Are you interested in our professional services? We will be happy to provide you with further information on our film products by calling 0341 9186 0.