Ask the specialist for film coating and heat-sealable films.

SIKA Werke is a specialist in the production of heat-sealable film coating for plastic and metal films. We also produce various hotmelt raw materials on behalf of our customers. Different variants enable films to be sealed against PP and PET, aluminium, copper, pressboard and wood. Our film coatings are also ideal for the manufacture of motors and transformers.

Overview of our products

SIKA Werke GmbH – the specialist for film coating

We coat metal and plastic foils on behalf of our customers. Use our services for the coating of all kinds of foils. Of course, we also supply hot melt raw materials for coating on behalf of our customers.

An example of innovative film coatings – heat-seal films

Here you can see an overview of various heat-sealable coatings from SIKA Werke:

  • VP100-PE film coating for sealing against nonwovens and fabrics on aluminium foil
  • VP100-PE-S Film coating for sealing against aluminium, copper and wood on aluminium foil
  • VP100 Film coating for sealing against metals and plastics

Individual advice as part of our corporate philosophy at Sika.

We adapt our heat-sealable aluminium composite films to your needs. To do this, we focus in particular on the parameters of temperature resistance, sealing temperature and peel strength. How thick the sealing layer should be is also a question that we clarify with you in the further process. We also adapt the delivery form to your requirements.

Take advantage of our extensive options for protecting your machines, tools and other products, such as rubble, from environmental influences. This includes protection against a wide range of contamination as well as protection against corrosion. Take advantage of our cross-industry experience for your special order. True to our company philosophy, we focus on quality and comprehensively fair business relations with customers and partners. We work quickly and cooperatively – always with the user in mind.

Film coating: We work in a customer-oriented manner and in technically optimal quality.

Contact us to find the best solution for your application. The best way to do this is to talk to us in person. You can simply contact us via the e-mail address below. We will process your enquiry as quickly as possible. As part of our portfolio, we supply you with various film products.

Whether cable films, composite films, vapour diffusion barrier films, decorative films, packaging films or heat-sealing films – we would like to offer you an individually suitable solution. We will also be happy to assist you with contract cutting or converting using our machinery. We are also your partner for contract laminating.