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Heat sealing foil

Heat sealable plastic and metal foils

The special composites developed by Sika Werke GmbH also comprise different heat sealable plastics and metal foils for technical applications. 

By means of variations of the sealing layer, very diverse substrates, such as non-woven PP and PET fabrics, aluminium, copper, chipboard and wood can be sealed. 

On account of curing the adhesive employed achieves a high heat resistance and thus permits the use of the foils in the construction of engines and transformers.

Hot sealable coating VP 100-PE 

VP100-PE coating is suitable for sealing against both woven and non-woven fabrics. The temperature resistance depends on the processing conditions and can reach up to 140°C. 

Hot sealable coating VP 100-PE-S 

VP100-PE-S coating is suitable for sealing against aluminium, copper and wood. The sealing temperature should amount to at least 120°C. Depending on the processing parameters a peeling resistance of > 1 N/ mm can be reached. 

Hot sealable coating VP 100 

VP100 coating is suitable for sealing of metals and plastics. In the case of this version, a protective foil, which prevents interlocking of the sealing layer, has to be removed before processing of the foil.

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