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Conductive copper adhesive tapes

Electrolytic copper foil with electrically conductive bonding emulsion

There are various fields of application in the electronics industries for this composite adhesive tape.

This tape is an electrolytic copper foil which is equipped with an electrically conductive bonding emulsion. This simplifies, for example, the installation of a contact rail very much and even subsequent corrections are still possible. 

The field of application is expanded considerably on account of the unrestricted solderability. In addition to that, this special adhesive tape is available in various thicknesses. 

This special foil offers the smartest solution possible for EMV/ HF screening of device housings, which is increasingly gaining in importance in the age of global communications. An improvement of the EMV properties can also be achieved by subsequent application on sub-assemblies which already exist. 

For applications covering a large area, widths of up to 310 mm are available. Problems with electrostatic charging developing in coverings, floors or plastic components can be resolved quickly as well as reliably by means of the application of anti-static leads. This special adhesive tape was developed by Sika Werke for the transmission of high currents.

Data sheet (PDF):

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