Schnell – Innovativ – Kooperativ – Anwenderorientiert


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Company Philosophy of Sika Werke GmbH

Our objective:
„Fast, flexible, co-operative, innovative, customer-oriented and in the highest technical quality available.“

The managing board of Sika Werke GmbH as well as its staff do their utmost in order to safeguard both the survival of the company as well as the welfare of our customers.

In this context Sika stands for:


Schnell (Rapid)
Innovativ (Innovative)
Kooperativ (Cooperative)

Anwenderorientiert (Customer Oriented)

It is our professed aim to satisfy the demands and objectives of our customers – and to do so in the shortest-possible period of time with an optimum in quality, reliability as well as fair terms and conditions of business.

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