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Die Historie der Sika Werke GmbH aus Leipzig

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Sika Werke GmbH a company from Leipzig, Germany with a versatile and successful history

Protection for hairstyle and hat, packaging foil, carrier bags, coffee filter and much more – products from the past

In 1935 a company was founded at the present day site of Sika Werke GmbH which produced membranes for vehicle pumps. During the Second World War this company was destroyed almost completely. Shortly after the end of the war in 1946 the former owner Mr Simon started a new business on the site and in 1949 to further develop this business he united with Erhard Kaps. Together they founded the company Helene Simon Plastics Processing and Production, which later on became the company of Sika Erzeugnisse [Products] Scharfe & Kaps KG . In 1956 Erhard Kaps, who was the sole manager of the company by that time, had the idea of optimising foils into products and processed them further for their respective application by laminating them. He established a lamination plant with the help of his gifted technical staff and the Leipzig engineering company of Sartorius, which was flourishing again by that time. The general manager Mr Nippelt of Prescher AG with headquarters in Leipzig-Leutzsch, who was a friend of Mr Kaps provided the technical know-how and suggested as well important ideas for products.

In the 1960’s rolling mills for the production of PVC, blowing machines for the production of polyethylene and a large number of further production facilities were installed. At this time Sika primarily produced articles for everyday use which were based on plastics. After that an increase in the turnover as well as the product range began, which was very rapid considering the circumstances in the GDR. This came about because Sika dealt with the production and development of laminated foils primarily for the field of technical application and then as of the year 1967 Sika´s primarily direction changed to that of food packaging industry and was the sole producer of plastic consumer packaging throughout the entire territory of the GDR.

In 1969 the son of the founder of the company – Dr. Rainer Kaps – who had by then received his doctorate degree in the field of polymer chemistry, entered the company and was followed by qualified employees with the help of whom a highly productive R&D department was established. A large number of special products were developed during that time and applications for patents were filed worldwide. 

The forced nationalization in 1972 slowed down this development and the company became focused primarily on composite foils for packaging purposes. Within only a few years the operations of the company were downsized through the dismantling of the polyethylene extruders the automatic bag machines and a soft PVC rolling mill.

This development reached a further climax in 1977 when the state planning department specified the new construction of a production site for composite foils and the employees of Sika had to relocate their know-how to the new site. This production site with state-of-the-art equipment in the south of Leipzig – which was known under the name of Polyfol Markkleeberg – had 3 lamination plants, a 6-colour rotogravure printing plant, 2 high-performance spool cutting machines, 2 vacuum metallization plants and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Before the fall of the GDR the original Sika was totally run-down and in the opinion of the GDR administrators in the year 1990 was to be closed down and production was only to be continued at the newly constructed site.

After the fall of the Berlin wall the original company was transferred by the Treuhand back to Mr Kaps and was reconstructed with the support of members of the family. The newly constructed production facility in Markkleeberg was sold by the Treuhand to the company of Scheuch in Darmstadt. The Kaps’ family finally decided to waive claims for this company and focused on the rejuvenation of the old parent plant in Leipzig. With a lot of effort the parent company was reconstructed step by step with the help of grants, special tax regulations and re-establishment of the R&D department all the plants were modernized or replaced with newly constructed machines. 

Today, the company has 4 modernized production facilities as well as 2 new high-performance production facilities for solvent lamination, 5 high-quality spool cutting machines as well as an environmentally friendly afterburning plant and an efficient infrastructure.

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